Radio saves lives.

In times of crisis, we count on radio. Help us get critical COVID-19 information to millions in Africa.

COVID-19: Our response

In times of crisis, we count on radio.
Help us get critical COVID-19
information to millions
in Africa.

Reflecting on 2017-18 in our annual report

It was quite the year — both for Farm Radio International and for Africa’s farmers. While much has happened since the end of March 2018 (our annual report covers from March 2017 and March 2018), we’re excited to reflect on our successes and challenges in 2017-18 as we look towards 2019. In rural Africa, 2017…
Guinea Fowl Evaluation

How an odd little bird is helping farmers in Ghana make a living

In October, the Farm Radio International team in Tamale, Ghana, conducted a five day evaluation of the BRIDGE, or Bridging Rural Information Dissemination through Dialogue and Engagement, program. The program sought to create awareness of best farming practices in guinea fowl rearing and to increase the participation of women and youth in this sector. The…

Africa Rocks! bonspiel raises $10,000 for 10th year of curling!

We did it! Thanks to you, the participants of our 10th annual Africa Rocks! curling bonspiel on Nov. 3, we reached our goal of $10,000. We would like to thank all who attended and made it a great event. We’ve been holding Africa Rocks! since 2008 at the Rideau Curling Club. Each year first time…

Maize farmers grow special plants to manage Fall armyworm

On a cloudy morning, Harbe Tafesse walks through a narrow passageway on one side of her house that leads to the 625-square-metre piece of land where she grows maize. Today, the mother of seven woke up early to see if her maize plants are safe from the recent invasion of Fall armyworm in her area.…
Mathewos Feleke

Mathewos Feleke: 2018 George Atkins Communications Award runner-up

Mathewos Feleke of Wolaitta Sodo Fana FM in Ethiopia is a man of many talents. A former high school teacher, school supervisor, and farmer, Mr. Feleke now serves the farming community in Wolaitta Zone as a radio broadcaster. He is fluent in English and many languages spoken in southwestern Ethiopia, making him a reliable communicator…
Benjamin Nama

Benjamin Boureima Nama: 2018 George Atkins Award runner up

Benjamin Boureima Nama was first introduced to Farm Radio International’s resources for broadcasters in 1999 when he was an intern at Radio Evangile Développement in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The director general of the Radio Evangile Développement network produced a program called “Le défi de L’Afrique” (The challenges of Africa), which gave practical tips. The producer…

Lilian Madelemo: 2018 George Atkins Communications Award winner, Uhuru FM, Tanzania

Lilian Madelemo has been a radio broadcaster since 2011, presenting news and entertainment programming at Uhuru FM in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Last year, she developed a farm program in collaboration with Farm Radio International to add to her growing repertoire. The Swahili program called Kilimo Yakinifu (Efficient Farming) focused on new varieties of cassava…

Earl Samuels: George Atkins Communications Award Winner, Fiila FM, Ghana

It was a desire to empower his people and provide access to information in hard times that inspired Earl Samuels to pursue a career in broadcast journalism nearly 27 years ago. He has worked in television, radio and the newspaper industry covering everything from sports to politics to entertainment and social issues. But over the…

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Small-scale farmers produce most of the food in Africa, but too often can’t make ends meet. Thankfully, there's a simple and accessible tool that can help them help themselves: RADIO.

The world's most popular mass medium is especially important in rural Africa, where people rely on it for information.

Available to practically everyone and broadcast in local languages, radio has the power to transform lives and whole communities for the better. And, combined with digital technologies, it is more powerful than ever before.


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