Paza Sauti — The results are in!

We asked and farmers answered. Small-scale farmers are responsible for approximately 75 per cent of agricultural production in Tanzania, making an important contribution to the economy, but they often feel their voices are not being heard.

Paza Sauti (Swahili for “raise your voice”) was an innovative poll conducted to help farmers’ voices reach policy-makers by using two of the most powerful technologies in rural Africa: radio and mobile phones. The response was overwhelming, with nearly 9,000 small-scale farmers making their voices heard through the free radio- and phone-based poll. Here are the results.

Paza Sauti - Raise your voice! Results of Agripoll 2014

Learn more about the poll by accessing related images,  videos, audio, and documents here.  Join the conversation online with the hashtag #doagric

Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ANSAF and The ONE Campaign Africa for support on Paza Sauti.

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