Press release: Mental Health on Air documentary shares story of how radio can tackle stigma surrounding mental illness


Mental Health on Air:

Farm Radio International (FRI) and TeenMentalHealth.Org are launching a documentary about the power of radio to address a rarely discussed health challenge facing developing countries: youth mental health and mental illness. Mental Health on Air explores the impact of two radio shows and school-based listening clubs on mental health literacy and youth engagement in Malawi and Tanzania.

“We are saying we are building the youth to be the next leaders. So, if we have youth who are mentally ill, who are stressed, how do we have good leaders?” Lucious Zimba, a teacher at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School, Malawi.

Ottawa, Canada — September 15, 2015 — Depression and mental illness affect youth regardless of where they live. Youth mental health is an issue often left undiscussed — in classrooms in Canada and in developing countries like Malawi and Tanzania, where malaria and malnutrition are often treated as more pressing public health concerns.

Two radio shows, along with school-based listening clubs, are helping to foster the next generation of leaders of Malawi and Tanzania by starting a discussion on the difficult topic of depression and mental health.

Journalist Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco explores the role of radio in decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health in his documentary, Mental Health on Air: Healthy minds, resilient communities. The CBC Ottawa reporter recently took a leave of absence to travel to Tanzania and Malawi to document the challenges facing individuals with mental illness in these two countries. His documentary discusses how one innovative project is starting a conversation in schools and communities across Malawi and Tanzania about mental health.

Mental Health on Air will be launched at an event in Ottawa, Oct. 25 at the Kailash Mital Theatre, Carleton University.

Mental Health on Air will be screened in Toronto, Nov. 1 at Friends House, 60 Lowther Avenue.

Radio can reach people where they live, work and play. The “Integrated youth mental health” project, a partnership between Farm Radio International and TeenMentalHealth.Org, has sought to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health, enhance mental health literacy and improve access to effective care. Teachers, youth workers and primary care workers have received training to better identify the signs of mental illness and be better able to effectively treat youth who have depression.

Meanwhile, two radio programs — Nkhawa Njee – Yonse Bo (Depression free, life is cool) and Positive Mood, on air on MCB2 and Radio 5 in Malawi and Tanzania, respectively — have found a unique way to kickstart a discussion about depression. They combine hip hop beats, celebrity interviews and a radio soap opera to create an entertaining 30-minute program that youth are excited about. An estimated 500,000 youth in Malawi have tuned in to Nkhawa Njee.

For more information on the “Integrated youth mental health” project, funded by Grand Challenges Canada, click here.

Watch the trailer below, and check out related clips.


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