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Integrating gender equality and social inclusion into climate adaptation

Promoting climate adaptation solutions and gender equality in Burkina Faso
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A woman pulls water from a well

Knowledge Sharing about Unpaid Care in sub-Saharan Africa

Increasing representation and recognition of the work done by unpaid care workers across sub-Saharan Africa
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A Ghanaian man wearing a red and grey striped polo shirt stands in front of a group with his hands wide, clearly in discussion

YenKasa Africa

Enhancing knowledge and sharing experiences in communication supporting agriculture and rural development in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Dissemination of Agricultural Input Packages through Radio

Improving farming outputs thanks to good inputs like seeds, fertilizer and good agronomic practices
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Hérè – the well-being of women in Mali

Preventing and responding to gender based violence and improving women’s wellbeing in Mali
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A woman and man sit in blue plastic chairs. The man holds a piece of paper and is interviewing the woman

Addressing women’s social barriers to rural advisory services

This interactive radio campaign project will raise awareness and improve gender-sensitive extension service delivery in Ghana as part of CABI's new PlantwisePlus program.
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