Tuning In newsletter: Winter 2024

For the winter edition of Tuning In, we highlight impactful projects related to gender equality and agriculture, plus our statement of values and key stats from our annual report.

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Listening to our radio partners: 2022-23 annual survey

Radio is the world’s most popular mass medium and listeners rely on it for valuable and even life-saving informational. At Farm Radio International, we provide resources and training to our network of more than 1,300 radio partners across sub-Saharan Africa to help them improve the quality and quantity of radio programming for rural development. Each…

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Annual Report 2022-23

Farm Radio International’s 2022-23 Annual Report is a snapshot of the remarkable progress and impact we’ve achieved over the past year. It is with immense gratitude and pride that we share the stories of transformation and growth that have marked our journey this year. We have navigated the country-specific and complex realities of economic disruptions,…

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