2020-2025 Strategic Plan

At Farm Radio International, we are inspired by the vision that so many rural Africans have for their communities and families — namely, that they be prosperous, just, and vibrant, where farming and related livelihoods thrive.

Farm Radio International aims to ensure that every rural African, no matter their gender, age or background, has access to good information that they can use to improve their lives and livelihoods that they have the support they need to make change in their own communities; and that their voices are amplified, so they have a say in their own development.

An average of 65% of rural households in Africa own a radio, and those that don’t can usually listen with their neighbours. For many, internet access and television remain out of reach, or basic literacy is still inaccessible. Radio is often the only trusted source of information about agriculture, health and nutrition in many African countries, broadcast in national and local languages.

It sounds simple, but a high-quality radio program can be the difference between a good harvest and a bad one, health and hunger, and a life of plenty or one plagued by poverty. The radio shows and digital information and communication technology (ICT) services that Farm Radio supports help tens of millions of farmers and rural Africans enjoy a better life through their own hard work and determination.

This strategic plan for 2020-2025 is a roadmap to achieve our short terms and long term goals over the next five years.

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