Annual Report 2013-2014: Celebrating and Serving Family Farms

For the audited financial statements for 2013-2014 please go here.

We also created an online interactive version of this annual report here.

2014 is the International Year of Family Farming, and we at Farm Radio International are as committed as ever to serving small-scale farmers and their families.

This year, we worked with more than 530 radio partners in 38 countries to increase food security and economic prosperity for tens of millions of small-scale and family farmers.

Family farming dates back thousands of years, but it is not stuck in the past. In fact, small-scale family farmers have been developing in incredible ways — finding new approaches to produce more and better food in a changing climate, organizing to access new markets and bring home a better paycheque, and adopting new ways to manage produce after harvest time so that less food is lost to disease, pests and damage.

Farm radio has also been around for a while (albeit not quite as long as farming). But it is not a relic of the past either. It has also been innovating in delightful and creative ways. We are proud to say that FRI is at the fore in this “new age of radio,” always looking to apply new ideas and technologies to better serve broadcasters and family farmers.

2013-14 was a busy year for our team, which ran 21 projects in eight countries supported by 12 different funders. The impact and cost-effectiveness of our work is drawing more and more organizations to us that want to share knowledge and give voice to farmers.

A big year like this deserves a big thank you — to our staff, board members, partners, volunteers and donors. Every penny of support and every hour of time has been of great significance our work in 2013-14.

We work tirelessly to ensure that the money we raise goes to serve African farmers over the airwaves. This annual report provides the basics on our governance and financial information for the year. We invite you to visit for our full, media-rich annual report to read about all that we have achieved together.

Kevin Perkins
Executive Director
Doug Ward
Chair of the Board of Directors

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Kevin Perkins
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