Annual Report 2015-2016: Radio4Change

For the audited financial statements for 2015-2016 please go here.

We also created an online interactive version of this annual report here.

Since 1979, we have been providing radio broadcasters with practical information about farming practices, nutrition, and health to share with small- scale farmers. Over the years, we have learned a lot about radio and the needs of people in rural communities.

We discovered that radio is most powerful when it features the voices of listeners themselves. Today, we put more focus on broadcaster training that builds the skills needed for participatory, farmer-centred radio. We are also creating new types of services and resources for our 640+ broadcasting partners across sub-Saharan Africa. And we are working directly with partner stations to design high-quality farm radio programs with measurable results.

We have also learned what radio can do when combined with the other most powerful communication tool in Africa: the mobile phone. Our team at The Hangar, our radio and ICT innovation lab in Tanzania, is always finding new ways to make radio more accessible, dynamic, and interactive than ever before.

This report shares stories that illustrate the power of interactive radio to create real and meaningful change in rural communities by helping listeners to:
• Maintain or increase food production despite an unstable climate.
• Survive extreme weather events like drought.
• Grow more nutritious crops to keep their children healthy.
• Overcome stereotypes and stigmas that get in the way of good health.
• Challenge traditional gender roles and help women and men work together.
• Give voice to those who are heard from the least.

To celebrate the power of radio for change, we did a couple of special things this past year. We launched a new website, Radio4Change, to share the stories of people whose lives have been touched by radio. And we ran our first-ever World Radio Day webcast, Boom Box, to explore the changing world, and how radio is changing the world.

We thank all of those who contributed to our work this past year. Together, we are advancing our vision of a world where the work of African farm families results in prosperity and food security for themselves, their communities, and their countries.

Let’s keep creating positive change together.

Kevin Perkins
Executive Director
Doug Ward
Chair of the Board of Directors

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Kevin Perkins
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