Midterm report: Integrated Mental Health in Malawi and Tanzania

This report is a summary of data collected in Malawi by local partners to assess the impact of the integrated program on overall objectives at midpoint (covering the period Nov. 2012 – Sept 2014). In addition to providing a preliminary assessment of results to date, the midterm evaluation has proved useful to provide the team with information to make mid-course corrections and amendments to the overall project to ensure maximum impact in both the pilot site (Malawi) and the replication site (Tanzania). The evaluation used a mixed methods approach to triangulate data, incorporating a survey, perceived impact questionnaire, knowledge assessment retention test and audience reception study. The robustness of thematic analysis, combined with researcher triangulation, lends credibility to the research results reported here.

For more information on what we did with radio in this project please check out our project outcome evaluation report here.

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