Project outcome brief: Sharing good practices on sustainable land and water use with Tanzanian farmers

Changing the lives of smallholder farmers is the business of Farm Radio International – and radio is how we do it!

This project provided millions of listeners with access to interactive radio programs, highlighting three key practices from the SUSTAIN-Africa program – cocoa growing, clean seed cane, and beekeeping as an elephant deterrent.

Our qualitative evaluation showed that the programs were valued by the majority of respondents, who requested that they continue. Some respondents noted that they were pleased to be involved in the programs by speaking as experts and sharing their experiences. They appreciated the fact that all farmers were given the chance to call in and give their views. Farmers also said that the radio programs had done a great job promoting the best practices and that the programs were interesting and inspirational.

This project is made possible by the generous support of the IUCN and its SUSTAIN-Africa Partners. The contents of this report are the responsibility of Farm Radio International.

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Karen Hampson
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