Radio that works for women smallholders in Uganda and Kenya

Farm Radio International is bringing results from two ongoing research projects – Insect feed for poultry and fish production (INSFEED) and Precooked bean products for food and nutrition security, and incomes in Kenya and Uganda – directly to fish, poultry and bean farmers through radio broadcasts. The Cultivate Africa’s Future (CultiAF) project is working with community listener groups (CLGs) to improve interactivity and provide a regular, reliable and almost real-time feedback mechanism, and increase women’s involvement in radio broadcasts. The project’s approaches and methods differ from conventional radio in that Farm Radio International involves target audience members in program design and development from the start.

Some key results:
• 40 radio community listener groups (CLGs) have been formed with over 460 individual members, of which 50% are women.
• 240 female CLG members have been trained in Farm Radio International’s Her Voice on Air strategy that engages women’s groups as developers of radio content, encouraging greater participation and making programs more relevant to the needs of women.
• Farm Radio International has provided 40 solar powered radios to CLGs, enabling them to listen to radio programs together and discuss the information received.

Cultivate Africa’s Future (CultiAF) supports research to achieve long-term food security in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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