Tuning In newsletter: Fall 2017

In our latest edition of Tuning In, we draw your attention to a very alarming, voracious pest, the Fall armyworm. It is causing destruction as it makes its way across African farms — and so we share what Farm Radio International and our broadcasting partners are doing to respond.  We are also proud to introduce you to the three outstanding African broadcasters who won the George Atkins Communication Award this year — we hope you enjoy their inspiring stories.

From Ethiopia, we share a remarkable story about a farmer who has never stopped learning how to improve her farming methods including trying to use a new, and lighter plough. You can also read out our Radio Marketplace Program in Tanzania — helping farmers get the most for the hard work they put into their farm. Finally, learn about how community listening groups come together and why they are so important.

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Brenda Jackson brenda@farmradio.org
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