Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012-2013: Radio 2.0, When Radio is More than Radio

For the audited financial statements for 2012-2013 please go here. We also created an online interactive version of this annual report here. — Farm Radio International began as an idea. Like most great ideas, it was deceptively simple, prompting the question, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The idea came about in 1975 when George…

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Financial Statement 2011-2012

In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, Farm Radio International managed the resources entrusted to us by donors to deliver invaluable services to African broadcasters and small-scale farmers, with impressive, measurable results. An audit of our year-end financial statements was conducted by Deloitte & Touche LLP. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our…

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Annual Report 2011-2012

For the audited financial statements for 2011-2012 please go here. In early 2012, I had the privilege of seeing one of our broadcasting partners at work in Ghana. He sat in a broadcast booth, just like George Atkins (Farm Radio International’s founder) would have 40 years ago when he hosted his farm radio program on…

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Annual Report 2010-2011

For the audited financial statements for 2010-2011 please go here. The name Farm Radio International seems to capture the imagination. When people first hear about Farm Radio International, they often ask: “where can we find you on the radio dial?” or “how many listeners do you have?” Some wonder “do you distribute radios?” or even…

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Annual Report 2009-2010

The year 2009-2010 was a remarkable period of reflection, celebration, loss and hope for Farm Radio International. We marked the 30th anniversary of the organization, reflecting on our roots and celebrating the distance we have come since then. Then, on November 30, 2009, we received word that George Atkins, the founder of Developing Countries Farm…

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Annual Report 2008-2009

In the 2008-2009 fiscal year, the Board of Directors worked hard to hold and refine the vision and values, set the policies, steward the resources, and monitor the results of Farm Radio International. This year the Board: • monitored implementation of our new risk management policies • approved recommendations of our scripts program review, and…

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Annual Report 2007-2008

In the life of an organization, some years stand out, and invite the use of words like “watershed”. For Farm Radio International, 2007-08 was one of those years. Consider the new programs. We launched the African Farm Radio Research Initiative, a 3.5 year pro- gram that will allow us to answer questions like: what measurable…

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