Radio documentary: From broadcaster to guinea fowl consultant

From radio broadcaster to guinea fowl farmer

Veronica Barik may be the newest guinea fowl consultant in the Upper East Region of Ghana, but the way she tells her story—the powerful voice, the narrative flow—betrays another profession.

Veronica is a radio presenter with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in Bolgatanga. She was the host of a two-year program on the guinea fowl value chain, produced in partnership with Farm Radio and with the support of Global Affairs Canada. The campaign was meant to increase the capacity of small-scale farmers, suppliers, and market women by sharing knowledge on some of the best practices in each sub-sector.

Once a guinea fowl rearing neophyte, Veronica is now practically an expert on the popular bird. To hear Veronica’s story, listen to this radio documentary.

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation was a partner in the Radio for farmer value chain project, a five-year project that recently ended. Learn more about this project in Ghana.

About the author
Jordan Omstead spent the summer of 2017 working with Farm Radio in Accra through the Uniterra program.

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