Radio Resources

High-quality radio programs rely on good information and skilled broadcasters.

Radio Resources

High-quality radio programs rely on good information and skilled broadcasters.

What we offer

Thousands of broadcasters at radio stations across Africa use our resources and training programs to improve their programs on agriculture and rural development. We also facilitate a community of practice amongst our network through online exchanges and discussions.

Resource pack

Resource Packs

We create information packages that include scripts and other useful resources for broadcasters, including interviews, dramas, backgrounders and more.


Barza Wire

We publish a unique news service for broadcasters that shares stories relevant to small-scale farmers and rural communities in Africa.



We regularly facilitate online discussions that bring together broadcasters and subject matter experts for interesting and timely exchanges in English and French.



We offer a range of online and in-person learning opportunities for African radio broadcasters that help them improve the quality of their programs for farmers.

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Join the network of African radio organizations that benefit from our resources and professional development opportunities.

Koleta Makulwa

Radio Free Africa

“I find the Farm Radio resource packs most useful because they are easy to use and most of the topics relate well with the things in my community. Also they help to inspire new ideas for different radio programs.”

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Recognizing excellence

Named after Farm Radio International's founder, the George Atkins Communications Award was established to recognize rural radio broadcasters for their outstanding service and significant contributions to food security and poverty reduction. It is presented each year to celebrate individuals for their ongoing commitment to their listeners.


Matilda Amoah

Responding to the needs of farmers in his community.

Seydou Camara dans son studio

Seydou Camara

Bringing female farmers' voices to the airwaves.

ide carine GACA ceremony

Ide Carine Tchounga

Empowering farmers with information over the radio.

A photo of an old radio

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