Radio saves lives

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Farming communities across Africa need your help and radio is a vital resource.

See how you can team up with us to help reach people across rural Africa with life-changing information.

Why radio?


Radio is the world’s most popular mass medium, reaching billions of people each year, even in the most remote villages of Africa.

Practice Paper: Building an ecosystem around data: using interactive radio for accountability to farmers in Tanzania


Radio is accessible to everyone — men and women, young and old — whether or not they can read or write, no matter where they are.

The new age of radio: How ICTs are changing rural radio in Africa


Radio is a cost-effective way to share important information with large audiences. It's affordable for listeners and broadcasters.

Exploring the Potential for Interactive Radio to Improve Accountability and Responsiveness to Small-scale Farmers in Tanzania

40% of farmers who learn about a new practice through one of our radio programs end up applying it on their farm; and it costs only about 50 cents to provide one of these programs to a farming family.

Radio helps farmers help themselves

Radio is a simple and accessible tool that can help small-scale farmers help themselves. It has the power to transform lives and whole communities for the better.

Listening to quality radio programs helps African farmers enjoy better harvests, improve their health and create a brighter future.

radio saves lives
What we offer

Thousands of broadcasters at radio stations across Africa use our resources and training programs to improve their programs on agriculture and rural development


We pioneer innovative digital solutions and develop engaging new radio approaches to make the world’s most popular communication tool more entertaining, effective and interactive than ever before.


By combining the two most powerful communication tools in Africa — radio and mobile phones — we are able to deliver a range of development outcomes at scale.

What our donors are saying...

Farm Radio makes a difference because it provides long-term solutions to help people to help themselves

Beryl Wilson


I trust Farm Radio International to spend my bequest where it’s needed the most.

Janet Reed


I became a monthly donor to Farm Radio International because I wanted to contribute to something larger than myself and to an organization that would ensure my donations make a big impact.

Anish Parmar

Our awards

Farm Radio is the only international non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to using radio as a tool for rural development in Africa.

We have have been recognized for the innovation and impact of our work with awards from the World Summit on the Information Society, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Agricultural, Learning, and Impacts Network (ALINe).