Radio 4 Change: Introducing our 2015-16 annual report

When it comes to growing a better future, inaction is no longer an option. The time has come to make change happen. And radio can help.

That’s what our 2015-16 annual report, Radio 4 Change, is all about. We know that radio has long been the best way to reach rural communities across Africa. And, paired with technologies like mobile phones, it’s now more powerful than ever before, making it an incredible tool for positive change on a grand scale.

Indeed, as time goes by, we are seeing more and more in our work the varied — and sometimes unexpected — ways that radio can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Radio 4 Change shares stories that demonstrate how radio can lead to a range of positive outcomes that go beyond increased crop yields and farming income — as important as those are.

It shows how interactive radio is helping farmers and rural communities to:

  • maintain or increase food production in the face of an unstable climate;
  • survive extreme weather events like drought;
  • grow more nutritious crops to help keep their children healthy;
  • overcome stereotypes and stigmas that can get in the way of good health;
  • challenge traditional gender roles and help women and men work together as a team; and
  • give voice to those who are often heard from the least.

To overcome the challenges we face, we need to work together and use all of the resources available to us. That’s why we’re working with our broadcasting partners across sub-Saharan Africa to use the two most powerful communication tools on the continent — radio and mobile phones — to create positive change.

Thank you for being part of our biggest year yet.


2015-16 Expenses Summary


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