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Raising guinea fowl: Farm Radio Resource Pack 102

This resource pack discusses challenges and tips for raising guinea fowl, birds which are not only nutritious but also profitable. Farm Radio Resource Pack 102 includes information on breeds, reducing mortality rates, proper feeding techniques and generally how to raise guinea fowl.
The pack also includes four items on other farming topics. One piece, featured in an early script package produced by George Atkins, describes an innovative method for managing stable flies. Another item deals with the serious problem of managing Xanthomonas wilt in bananas. A third focuses on deforestation in Zambia and a fourth talks about raising dairy goats.
Our script packages also include broadcaster how-to documents to help improve the skills of our partner broadcasters. This pack’s how-tos discuss methods for managing phone-in programs and how radio stations can benefit from mobile payment systems common in Africa, including East Africa’s M-Pesa system.
The items in this script package are available online, and are distributed to our 600+ radio partners.