Record number of scripts submitted in 2010 scriptwriting competition on healthy communities

Farm Radio International’s most successful and well-attended online scriptwriting course ended on 23 October. A total of 410 participants signed up, with 104 completing all components of the 10-week course. We have received 127 completed scripts. Farm Radio International staff and an external judging panel are now busy reading all the scripts carefully. The ten winners will be announced in mid-January 2011.

Participants “met” online and discussed the course as they progressed through it. The electronic forums sparked discussion encouraged interaction and facilitated friendships. At the end of the course, some participants reflected on their learnings and what they are taking away from the experience. We share some of their comments with you here:

Eugene Ngoma: Whatever the winner of this course will finally get, can never really add up to the value of what one gets after completing this course. No money can buy what we are now. So as far as I am concerned, all those of us who submitted a script have WON.

Prince Edgard Setsofia: Indeed Farm Radio has inspired me to do all I can to become one of the best presenters in Africa and the world as a whole. Aside this, it has made me found more friends from across the continent with great talents in various capacities.

Simon Mukali: I have been privileged to be a part of this experience. From the first day I logged on, I knew this would be an interesting journey, full of new lessons and exploring a new world, and I have not been disappointed. I am happy to have met all of you, and for being part of this. Hope to meet or hear from us as we work in this great continent!! This is goodbye, but not a final goodbye … as we say in Swahili, ‘Kwaheri ya kuonana’ (Goodbye, see you soon!)

Jefferson Massah: Thanks to our facilitators. We are leaving as ambassadors of Farm Radio. As we leave this process we should now serve as agents of change through our programming to enhance behavioural change in our communities.

Songolo Akakandelwa: It has been an exciting ten weeks. The course has been so instrumental to my work, some of the things I used to over look in my programming have been corrected through the course. The course will go a long way in uplifting my institution. The information will be shared during staff and editorial meetings.

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