Rosemond Ohene: Giving Voice to Farmers in Ghana

Rosemond Ohene, a graduate from Cape Cost University in Accra, joined Ghana’s Rite FM with no experience in radio broadcasting.  It was a very challenging task but luckily for Rose, she found the Farm Radio International web site.  She soon discovered that there was an office in Ghana that operated the African Farm Radio Research Initiative (AFRRI). This was the key to her success.

Rose learned about the script writing competition from Ben Biafor, Farm Radio’s National Research Coordinator in Ghana. According to Ben:

Rosemonds’ encounter with AFRRI/FRI made a tremendous impact on her ability to look at all the possible agriculture programs and how she can turn them into actual product for her station Rite FM. Her first encounter with the AFRRI team allowed us to share with her our approach to farm radio programming using Farm Radio’s VOICE standards. Rosemond had the opportunity to read through and take some copies of the FRI script with her. I am happy to be a part of Rosemond’s career in radio.

Through this network, she joined the online training for Farm Radio broadcasters offered by FRI. With her agricultural science background, she quickly learned the techniques of script writing and was able to not only compete in the competition but also win a prize.

Meeting such vibrant and intelligent people like Rose Ohene has inspired all of us at Farm Radio International. We would like to congratulate Rite FM management for their visionary move towards serving smallholder farmers.

What are Farm Radio International “VOICE” Standards?

    • Value. We value and respect farmers for their hard work in producing food for their families and the markets.  We talk in depth with farmers to understand their lives and to learn how radio can be of service to them.
    • Opportunity. We provide farmers with the opportunity to use radio in ways that help them to be active participants in development. We help them to bring their voices to radio and identify issues of concern to them.
    • Information. We provide the information farmers need to safeguard and improve farming and the quality of rural life. We present the information in ways that help farmers understand it and use it. This information includes discussions among local farmers about matters of concern to them.
    • Consistency. Farmers can count on us. We broadcast to them on a reliable, regular basis, at least weekly, at a time when they say they are available to listen. Where necessary, we broadcast at two different times for the convenience of both women farmers and men farmers.
  • Entertainment. We take great effort to broadcast programs that farmers find irresistibly attractive as well as useful. There is no excuse for boring farm radio programs!

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  1. Emily Arayo on June 11, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Am glad to know that there is a big impact on radio broadcasters through the capacity building that AFRRI has offered partner radio stations.

    Rosemond is a nice case in Ghana.

    Best luck Rosemond.

  2. DR SUSHIL KR RAI on July 11, 2010 at 5:17 pm



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