Rural women, like Eunice Barasa, love radio

Kenyan radio broadcaster Petronillah Simwenyi of Sulwe FM (left) interviews farmer Eunice Barasa

Photo credit: Petronillah Simwenyi 

“My name is Eunice Barasa from Nasimbo village in Bungoma county, in Kenya. I’m a farmer who grows maize and groundnuts (peanuts). This has helped my family a lot. I always grind groundnuts to mix with traditional vegetables since I do not own any cow. (In Kenya, to get protein in their diet, farmers will mix milk with vegetables. In the absence of milk, groundnuts are used to replace the milk in the vegetable and milk mix.) I urge other families to plant crops, especially groundnuts, which has several uses. I learned this information by listening to a radio program (in the Bukusa language) called Kebulimi.”

This story is part of a campaign for International Women’s Day called #ruralwomenloveradio, which asks broadcasters to submit stories about the impact of radio on rural women’s lives. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “Equality for Women is Progress for All.”

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