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This family has changed their mind about giving their daughter away in marriage. Instead, she is finishing her school.

Changing minds about girls’ education

July 6, 2022

What happens when one family about to give their daughter away in marriage learns about the importance of education on the radio.

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Drought in Ethiopia

Audio postcard: How radio is supporting farmers in response to the drought in Ethiopia

February 18, 2016

Tune in to learn more about how we are helping radio broadcasters support farmers in Ethiopia, as they cope with severe drought conditions. Fifteen men are lined up in a row on the teff farm of Teshaye Goitom, in the Hadegti village of western Tigray, Ethiopia. Their pose makes them seem as though they are…

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development at a distance - radio in a cocoa tree

Going the distance: Insights about our changing development practices during COVID-19

January 28, 2022

Since the pandemic, Farm Radio has introduced new methods and further adapted existing ones in order to work entirely remote-led and at-a-distance

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Farm Radio International’s 2019 Top 10

December 20, 2019

A lot happened in 2019. It was a big year for people around the world, and for us here at Farm Radio International it was no different. Here’s our 2019 Top 10!

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ARRPA Dissemination Workshop by Amanda Joyce, Farm Radio International Intern

September 9, 2011

I met Kojo Oppong, a producer and presenter of the agriculture program at Radio Peace in the Central Region (Ghana), at the national dissemination workshop hosted by Farm Radio International held on July 20, 2011. Mr. Oppong spoke candidly about having Radio Peace be a part of the African Rural Radio Program Analysis (ARRPA) research.…

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Farm Radio International signs agreement with MoFA

Farm Radio to assist Government of Ghana with Digital Agricultural Advisory Services

July 12, 2019

Farm Radio and MoFA will be working together to create a high-quality digital agricultural advisory service using radio and mobile phones.

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Top 5 things to know from our 2021-2022 Annual Report

December 20, 2022

Find out highlights from Farm Radio International’s 2021-2022 Annual Report.

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Learning about the state of radio in francophone West Africa

January 8, 2015

This summer, researcher Meli Rostand visited radio stations in Mali and Burkina Faso to understand the work broadcasters are doing and how they are meeting the needs and interests of their audience.   This research is an extension of the African Rural Radio Program Analysis, which seeks to understand the state of farm radio programming…

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Press release: Mental Health on Air documentary shares story of how radio can tackle stigma surrounding mental illness

September 15, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mental Health on Air: Farm Radio International (FRI) and TeenMentalHealth.Org are launching a documentary about the power of radio to address a rarely discussed health challenge facing developing countries: youth mental health and mental illness. Mental Health on Air explores the impact of two radio shows and school-based listening clubs on mental…

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“Honouring a Father’s Passion” – featured in latest Network News

June 3, 2010

The best way to pay a tribute is to respect and honour the passions of loved ones. Ian Fraser has just done that by making a donation to Farm Radio International in memory of his father Donald D. Fraser, an ardent admirer of agriculture and farm practices. Don Fraser, died in 2009 at the age…

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