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Our commitment to gender equality

March 3, 2015

Farm Radio International has long been committed to including women in every aspect of our work: as broadcasters, farmers and agricultural extension workers. In July 2013 we launched Her Farm Radio, an initiative to ensure radio serves the needs of all farmers, women and men. Ten projects have come under the Her Farm Radio banner,…

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Radio helps African farm families survive

August 11, 2011

In the midst of drought and famine in eastern Africa some hopeful news. A three-year study by Farm Radio International demonstrates conclusively that when properly used, radio is an effective way to give large numbers of African farm families knowledge needed to improve their food security, nutrition and livelihoods; knowledge that is vital in preventing…

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broadcaster interviews farmer about the effects of climate change in life

Finding rainfall: Radio, technology and climate change

February 2, 2021

Peter Kakanji brushes his teeth, using bristles of a stick as a toothbrush. He looks to the sky for signs of imminent rainfall because he heard last night on the radio that it would rain today.  “The rains started early this year and it’s still raining in several parts of the country, following the same…

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Watering the soil with the sweat of his brow: FRI supporter David Frere visits Tanzania to see farmers, and Farm Radio, in action

November 27, 2015

I have been a happy supporter of Farm Radio International for a number of years now and have recently returned from a trip to Tanzania with my sister Carol. The purpose of my visit, other than a little tourism, was to have a look at Farm Radio International’s operation in Arusha and to visit some…

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Earl Samuels: George Atkins Communications Award Winner, Fiila FM, Ghana

October 20, 2018

It was a desire to empower his people and provide access to information in hard times that inspired Earl Samuels to pursue a career in broadcast journalism nearly 27 years ago. He has worked in television, radio and the newspaper industry covering everything from sports to politics to entertainment and social issues. But over the…

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World Radio Day: 20+ podcasts & radio shows to celebrate the power of radio

February 12, 2018

Last month we attended the WUSC & CECI International Forum to present the Young Journalists’ Global Podcast Challenge. We asked, what are you listening to? And we heard from many fellow radio lovers. Below is a list of recommended podcasts and radio shows to keep you informed and entertained in today’s busy world. Of course…

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Why radio is important to farmers — and FRI staff

October 31, 2014

Japhet Emmanuel grew up on a farm in Tanzania, with a love of radio passed down from his father. This makes him the perfect fit for country program manager at our Tanzania office. Japhet is in Canada for a few weeks and shared his work with donors and supporters at an event Oct. 29 at…

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Remembering farm broadcaster Glenn Powell

October 9, 2020

Remembering agricultural broadcaster and former Farm Radio International board member Glenn Powell.

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Voices from the field: Erena Micheal, Tanzania

July 10, 2014

Erena Micheal dances under the hot summer sun in her colourful traditional Tanzania garments, celebrating the rice harvest with fellow farmers. She says she is now ready to sell her rice and sesame products in her village, Namatula. Hidden away in Tanzania’s southern district of Nachingwea, Namatula is a Swahili town just north of Mozambique.…

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Radio programs inspire students to create discussion groups on sexual and reproductive health

May 21, 2021

Inspired by a radio program on sexual and reproductive health, a student in Burkina Faso created her own discussion group so she could share the lessons to other youth in her community.

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