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Country-level climate action: Earth Day 2023

April 18, 2023

This Earth Day, we share stories from our offices in Ethiopia, Uganda and Mali. Learn about initiatives related to tree planting, plastic pollution and waste management.

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‘I think radio has better pictures’: Q & A with Doug Ward, recent appointee to the Order of Canada

January 14, 2016

Doug Ward, the chair of the board of FRI, in the studio at Radio Fana in Mali. We congratulate Doug Ward, the chair of our board, on his recent appointment to the Order of Canada. Doug is a long-time radio advocate, with 30 years of experience with CBC. Doug is a fantastic champion of the…

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Women in Yilikpani

Radio helps millions of farmers in Africa

June 9, 2021

You can help farmers in Africa produce more food. What does it take? Less than 59 seconds of your time and $1 How you can do this right now “With farming we are able to take care of our families.” Help Sahadatu feed her family The programming on Might FM has been very helpful. Before…

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Feeding the Demand for more radio

June 13, 2012

Radio is the only place where the Minister of Agriculture and the small farmer meet, says Rex Chapota, Executive Director of Farm Radio Malawi. He sits in a small office with Farm Radio International staff here in Ottawa, Canada explaining the powerful possibilities associated with radio. Not just radio; but radio that values farmers and gives…

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Our work in Ghana

September 18, 2018

Ghana has a very dynamic public sphere, facilitated by a well-developed network of internet providers and more than 500 radio stations. We have worked with more radio stations in Ghana than any other country, operating in multiple languages across all of the country’s ten regions. In addition to our main office in Accra on the…

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Celebrating World Radio Day: Farmers all over Africa achieve success and satisfaction from listening to their radios

February 13, 2012

For over 30 years, Farm Radio International has understood the importance of radio in giving access to information to millions of small-scale farmers. Radio is reliable, affordable and does not require literacy. It can reach remote areas, women and children. That is why our mission is to support broadcasters in developing countries to strengthen small-scale…

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From extension officer to farm radio broadcaster

May 27, 2010

His name is Asio Koku, an agricultural research officer working for Ho Municipality in Ghana. His duties include sending information about new technologies to farmers and assisting with data collection. His encounter with Farm Radio International’s African Farm Radio Research Initiative (AFRRI) was a simple one. But now he can’t forget how it transformed his…

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What does radio have to do with food security?

July 30, 2010

“We knew the technique of composting, but it is by the strength of radio that we have the courage to do so.” These words from a farmer in a small village in rural Mali tell a story that we have seen repeated many, many times over the past three years.  It is the story of…

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International Development Week: How we broadcast agricultural information to farmers in Ghana and Nigeria

February 9, 2024

This International Development Week, we shine the spotlight on our project that used radio to broadcast agricultural information to farmers in Ghana and Nigeria.

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May 18, 2017

What’s new My experience at the unpaid care project convening in Arusha, Tanzania Read a first-hand account from the convening in Arusha, Tanzania for our project about unpaid care in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more Ugandan broadcaster wins award for radio documentaries for Nature-based Solutions project Ugandan broadcaster Martin Amaiyko Kigongo’s first radio documentaries (produced through…

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