Seeking training opportunities to better serve her listeners

Malian Broadcaster Djeneba Konare: George Atkins Communications Award winner

Djeneba Konare is a broadcaster hungry for new opportunities; she is someone her fellow broadcaster and FRI partner, Meli Rostand, described as a “fighting woman who should be supported.”

Djeneba is a presenter and producer at the community radio station Welena in Nonzombougou, Mali. Djeneba first connected with FRI through a 2009 scriptwriting course, and since made several trips to FRI’s Mali office, on her own initiative and with her own funding, to enhance her radio editing and production skills.

With support from FRI, she has shifted from using analog equipment to working with a personal computer and editing programs like Audacity and Winamp, which have improved the quality of her farmer programs.

“Her story demonstrates that a woman with modest means but a lot of courage can contribute to the effectiveness of rural radio,” said Mamadou Bangaly, country director for Mali.

Community radio stations across Africa are often underfunded and understaffed. Many of our partner broadcasters have degrees in journalism and communications, as well as a passion for broadcasting, but are hungry for opportunities to expand their skills in participatory radio. This is why Farm Radio International offers several training opportunities, from in-station training for project partners, to e-courses and scriptwriting competitions for interested broadcasters.

By working with dedicated broadacsters, FRI ensures small-scale farmers have access to quality interactive radio programming that can entertain and meet the information needs of their listeners.

Djeneba is one of the dedicated broadcasters awarded the 2015 George Atkins Communications Award. The award is presented each year to an individual that demonstrates overall programming excellence in responding to small-scale farmers’ needs as well as commitment to Farm Radio International.

The George Atkins Communications Award recognizes rural radio broadcasters for their outstanding commitment and contribution to food security and poverty reduction in low-income countries. Learn more about the award and past winners.

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