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Get life-changing information to underserved Ghanaian communities. 

Radio grows food

In places where the internet remains out of reach, radio is a lifeline. 

At Farm Radio International, we work with broadcasters and farmers to design effective interactive agriculture radio programs for farmers in Africa.

Now, we need your help keeping those programs on the air. 

By sponsoring a special Green Leaf Magazine radio program with your friends and family, you can keep a program on air for an entire year, meaning farmers will get the know-how they need to feed their families, communities and the world. 

Just $5,200 can keep a radio program dedicated to farmers running week-after-week for an entire year.

You, alongside a team of your friends and family can help sponsor a radio station to keep these specialized programs interactive, effective and consistent, meaning farmers will always have access to the answers they need no matter the season.

Sponsor a radio program

A single radio station can provide life-changing information to more than 50,000 farmers with the help of just $100 per month.

  • Step 1: Start a team

    Follow the link above and create your own fundraising page.

  • Step 2: Customize your team page

    Name your fundraiser, set a goal, add a picture or some text and get going. We've created this handy document that will help you on your way!

  • Step 3: Invite your friends and family

    Come together with your community to support a radio program. Ask your family and friends to come together to support one program — who knows, you might even be able to support the station's program for years to come! Create your team by sharing your unique fundraising page on social media, by email, or however you decide.

We'll keep you up to date on your progress, and, when the program is sponsored, we'll connect you with the station you've supported! You'll be able to hear the program itself and learn more about the team that created it! You'll be able to see how your donation is being used. 

What is a Green Leaf Magazine?

Farm Radio International's unique quality radio magazine-style program. It's designed in a way that makes sure it's educational while staying entertaining. It's also designed to meet the needs of farmers, day-after-day, and year-after-year. 

Each Green Leaf Magazine episode is designed to have seven segments:

The first segment is local and international news to bring farmers up to date on happenings in their communities and on new agricultural innovations happening across the continent.

Many international news stories are sourced from Barza Wire, Farm Radio’s news wire service that publishes stories relevant to small-scale African farmers.

Next is “Let’s Get Farming.” It’s a segment designed to teach farmers about fundamentals and best practices on their fields. It’s a fun segment, one that can incorporate tape talks, mini docks or even a drama skit.

Key to the Green Leaf approach is a way for community members to express their own opinions and hear themselves represented on the radio. That’s where the “Have Your Say” segment comes in. Listeners can share their experiences, opinions and questions using Farm Radio’s unique ICT platform called Uliza.

“Your Weather, Your Markets” is a segment that helps farmers make optimal decisions based on predicted weather and market opportunities. Sharing information about what weather is expected that week, or what prices they can expect to get for their maize can prove invaluable for small-scale farmers.

In order to make a Green Leaf program sustainable, it must generate revenue. That’s where the “Partners’ Corner” segment comes in. While partners can also contribute to other segments, thes Partners’ Corner is a place for sponsors to advertise their products and services which are of value to small-scale farmers.

This segment actively encourages listeners to consider and then take up new farming practices. Using Farm Radio’s tested methods, this segment can be altered so the information fits the season, and needs of listening farmers.

In the case of the Enhanced Nutrition and Value Chain program running now in Ghana, the Digging Deep segment educates farmers about things like new storage practices or new methods for drying their harvested maize.

The final segment is the “Bulletin Board” — again a chance for listeners to have their say about their community. which shares information about upcoming events and activities in the community as well as requests or announcements from individuals.

Sponsor a Green Leaf program and through it help farmers feed their families and communities. Make a difference today.

Meet the stations

We're hoping to find teams to support programs on six stations this year — and through these programs, help farmers feed their families and communities.


“The core work of agriculture is done by women. But women are not given a chance to speak and it is not fair. We give them an opportunity to speak.”

Mary Ajyapong, Presenter, Royals FM

These stations have been selected because of their work carrying Green Leaf Magazine radio programs. These programs run year round and in line with growing seasons.

  • Royals FM 104.7 logo

    Royals FM,

    Wenchi, Bono Region, Ghana

  • lorlornyo-logo

    Lorlornyo FM

    Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana

  • AstaFM-logo

    Asta FM

    Techiman, Bono East Region, Ghana

  • Atoobu-logo

    Atoobu FM

    Atebubu, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

  • radio1-logo

    Radio 1 Ghana

    Bunso Junction, Eastern Region, Ghana

  • AhomkaFM-logo

    Ahomka FM

    Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

Create your team today.  Still have questions? Send us an email at info@farmradio.org and we'll help you get started. 

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