About the program

Akuapa y3 means "good farming." For farmers in Wenchi, that's what this Green Leaf Magazine radio program is helping them do. Thanks your sponsorship, it's what the program will continue to do.


In the program above, you can hear an episode where the host, Owoahene Acheampong has a discussion about the weeds and pests that destroy crops in neighbouring communities.

In the "Have your say" section, you hear a series of vox pops from farmers explaining what they have learned from the program. One woman who calls in says "I have followed the show on this radio station for so long, and I must admit I have learnt a lot from it." 

The show runs Monday nights at 7 p.m. and repeats Thursday mornings at 11 a.m.

What is a Green Leaf Magazine?

Farm Radio International's unique quality radio magazine-style program. It's designed in a way that makes sure it's educational while staying entertaining. It's also designed to meet the needs of farmers, day-after-day, and year-after-year. Learn more in this great audio piece:

Each Green Leaf Magazine episode is designed to have seven segments:

The first segment is local and international news to bring farmers up to date on happenings in their communities and on new agricultural innovations happening across the continent.

Many international news stories are sourced from Barza Wire, Farm Radio’s news wire service that publishes stories relevant to small-scale African farmers.

Next is “Let’s Get Farming.” It’s a segment designed to teach farmers about fundamentals and best practices on their fields. It’s a fun segment, one that can incorporate tape talks, mini docks or even a drama skit.

Key to the Green Leaf approach is a way for community members to express their own opinions and hear themselves represented on the radio. That’s where the “Have Your Say” segment comes in. Listeners can share their experiences, opinions and questions using Farm Radio’s unique ICT platform called Uliza.

“Your Weather, Your Markets” is a segment that helps farmers make optimal decisions based on predicted weather and market opportunities. Sharing information about what weather is expected that week, or what prices they can expect to get for their maize can prove invaluable for small-scale farmers.

In order to make a Green Leaf program sustainable, it must generate revenue. That’s where the “Partners’ Corner” segment comes in. While partners can also contribute to other segments, thes Partners’ Corner is a place for sponsors to advertise their products and services which are of value to small-scale farmers.

This segment actively encourages listeners to consider and then take up new farming practices. Using Farm Radio’s tested methods, this segment can be altered so the information fits the season, and needs of listening farmers.

In the case of the Enhanced Nutrition and Value Chain program running now in Ghana, the Digging Deep segment educates farmers about things like new storage practices or new methods for drying their harvested maize.

The final segment is the “Bulletin Board” — again a chance for listeners to have their say about their community. which shares information about upcoming events and activities in the community as well as requests or announcements from individuals.

About the station

Royals FM is based in Wenchi, in the Bono Region of Ghana. They reach as many as xxx,xxx farmers with their radio programs.

  • Malamine Traore

    Owoahene Acheampong

    Host, Akuapa y3

  • Malamine Traore

    Ray Dio


  • Malamine Traore

    Greele Eaf


  • Malamine Traore

    Roy Al



English, Akan, Twi

Founded: 1997


150,000 potential listeners

Programs: 17

Staff: 7

English, Akan, Twi

About the community

Wenchi and the surrounding region is located in the Bono region, to the centre-west of Ghana.


1,208,649 people live in the Bono region according to the 2021 census. 

Major industry

Near Wenchi, the majority of people make their living off the land: through farming and animal husbandry.

Major crops

This fertile region produces cash crops like cashew and food crops like maize, cassava, plantain, cocoyam and tomatoes.

Languages spoken

Bono (Abron, Brong, Bono Twi), Akan, Twi.

Bono region highlighted red on a map of ghana

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