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Thank you for your interest in Farm Radio International!

We’re an organization that was built more than 40 years ago by a Canadian broadcaster who believed communication and information sharing could create lasting impacts. At the time, radio was the most efficient tool to get information to the masses. Today, paired with mobile phones, it is STILL the most efficient and effective way to reach rural communities in Africa.

We thought the best way to introduce ourselves is through a FREE interactive e-book where you can read some examples of the work we do related to food security, gender equality and climate change. We’ve included audio and video with many of the stories so you can hear and see for yourself some firsthand accounts from farmers and broadcasters on their experiences in sub-Saharan Africa. Complete with incredible visuals!

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Learn how:

  • We’re able to reach 24.5 million rural people in a year. 
  • A coastal community in Ghana is implementing Nature-based Solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. 
  • Young women are working to carve out roles in traditionally male-dominated fields thanks to the INVEST in HER project. 
  • And how we’ve worked to be a top 10 international impact charity!
ebook web (1)