Supporting healthy eating on World Chef’s Day

Globally, Oct. 20 is marked as World Chef’s Day. This year’s theme was “Healthy Kids — Healthy Future.”

Farm Radio International took part in the festivities this year by donating orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) to an event held at a primary school in Accra, Ghana.

Listen to the sounds of the event. And remember: A chef is a doctor in the kitchen.

The event was in partnership between Nestle Ghana and World Chefs Without Borders. It focused on teaching children healthy eating habits by demonstrating recipes they could make with foods from all over the colour wheel.

Chef Elijah Addo, who has partnered with Farm Radio International in the past and founded the Chefs for Change Foundation, led the workshops at the school. He talked about the importance of selecting foods from each of the seven colours of healthy foods, and discussed the health benefits of each.

“I was hoping, and I can see from their response, that most of these kids once they are taught the right nutritional values of the food they eat — trust me, they will always have a balanced diet, they will always eat what protects them from getting illnesses. And at the end of it all, they are going to be healthy citizens of this great nation,” said Elijah.

The kids were asked to identify each of the coloured fruits and vegetables and place them around the colour wheel. He then showed the children how to make simple recipes (smoothies and sandwiches) from the food available.

Hear what the children had to say about what they learned.

All together, it was a fun day of learning and tasting — and a great way to highlight our favourite orange vegetable: orange-fleshed sweet potato.

Learn more about how we are promoting vitamin A-rich orange-fleshed sweet potato.

Awuiteba Atengdem
About the author  
Awuiteba Atengdem is FRI’s media Officer in Ghana, where she works with partner radio stations, as well as key media and communications organizations in order to share FRI’s work.

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