Audio postcard: How radio transforms extension work

Feb 2, 2015

My name is Kumah Drah, I am a Training and Standard Co-ordinator of Farm Radio International in Accra, Ghana. May I share with you this…

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Audio postcard: An interview with cashew farmer Adu Agi Trun

Oct 2, 2013

*Above: Ghanaian cashew farmer Adu Agi Trun (centre) participates in a focus group discussion.   Hi, I’m Janelle. I work at the Farm Radio International office…

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Audio postcard: Making CHANGE happen in Ghana

Sep 20, 2013

Sylvie: Hello, my name is Sylvie Harrison and I am the Radio Broadcast Specialist. Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth Nadurille, and I am the Climate-Smart…

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Audio postcard: Podcasting in Africa

Aug 9, 2013

Meet Nana Darko. Normally, he’s a researcher with Rite FM, one of the radio stations Farm Radio works with in the eastern region of Ghana.…

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Audio postcard: Understanding climate change leads to CHANGE in Ghana

Aug 1, 2013

In sub-Saharan Africa, climate change has emerged as one of the most important issues for many small-scale farming families, and one that is very complicated…

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