This rice farmer’s yield set to multiply tenfold thanks to radio

Feb 2, 2017

With files courtesy of Mark Kudafa   Elvis Asare takes a radio broadcaster through his farm. He gestures to his recently harvested rice field, golden…

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This farmer may be blind, but that won’t stop him from seeing success

Nov 3, 2016

Ekow Yamoah is also known as “Ekow Vulcaniser” — a name he gets from his work fixing tires at his shop in Anamabo in the Central…

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Radio: A source of information and motivation for this determined farmer

Sep 30, 2016

Interview and photos by Jesse Winter Theodora Kubaje has raised guinea fowl her entire life. “My father was a farmer and my mother. So, as…

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Balancing broadcasting work and childcare

Sep 14, 2016

Madame Florence Acquaye of URA Radio interviews a farmer while carrying her son on her back. Madame Florence hustles — it seems the only way to describe…

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Voices from the field: Doris Asantewaa, Ghana

Aug 28, 2016

Farming and harvesting crops are not the only things farmers in Brong-Ahafo Region struggle with. For farmers like Doris Asantewaa , storing maize can be…

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Community listening groups: strength in unity

Aug 28, 2016

In the community of Garizegu in northern Ghana, a group of farmers gathers every Saturday to listen to the radio — in the dark. Night comes…

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Voices from the field: Bonder Conda, Ghana

Aug 27, 2016

Bonder Conda was sceptical when he first heard a radio program on Atobo FM mention that using improved seeds would result in higher yields on…

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Voices from the field: Maame Ablore, Ghana

Aug 26, 2016

Despite having been farming for a “lifetime,” Maame Ablore is not against trying new things. When she heard the voice of another female farmer on…

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Voices from the field: Kofi Asamoah, Ghana

Aug 25, 2016

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. For Kofi Asamoah, that change was as simple as digging a small hole to place his…

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Voices from the field: Kano Sikple, Ghana

Aug 24, 2016

Every Monday evening Kano Sikple turns on her radio set, certain in the knowledge that she is about to learn something useful. “I know that every…

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