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Uliza: Connecting broadcasters and farmers for better radio

By Farm Radio International | Sep 9, 2016

Video by Katie Burnham At Farm Radio International we work to share knowledge with small-scale African farmers and make sure their voices are heard. Radio is a…

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Radio innovations from The Hangar: Beeping for vital information

By Farm Radio International | Feb 4, 2016

Radio is a fantastic tool for reaching millions of listeners with life-changing information. But the cell phone revolution is making this communication tool even more…

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A visit to The Hangar: FRI’s innovation lab

By Farm Radio International | Dec 15, 2015

A telecommunications revolution is quietly unfolding in a back garden in Arusha, Tanzania. It’s happening in “The Hangar” — a geek hangout if ever there…

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The Listening Post: Raising the voice of farmers

By Farm Radio International | Nov 24, 2015

“What if?” is the question that opens the doors of possibility. For years Farm Radio International has used radio to interact with farming families, using…

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Her Voice on Air: Amplifying the voices of women farmers

By Farm Radio International | Nov 24, 2015

Peer-to-peer exchange is one of the most powerful adoption pathways. Farm Radio International uses radio to extend peer-to-peer far beyond village or kinship boundaries. Our…

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Radio Boda-boda goes the extra mile to serve farmers

By Farm Radio International | Jul 28, 2014

Rural radio broadcasts reach some of the most remote areas of sub-Saharan Africa. However, when FRI Tanzania staff visited the farming village of Engare Nairobi…

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