Audio postcard: Quality Protein Maize — It’s protein with a punch

Apr 13, 2015

Before they began growing quality protein maize (QPM), many parents in the area of Nyabugando, Western Uganda, saw symptoms of sickness in their children. It…

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Audio postcard: Using entertainment to prevent an Ebola outbreak

Mar 12, 2015

“Papa doctor, I beg of you. If you do not want my trouble you will give me my son’s corpse. We have to mourn and…

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Why more female voices are needed on the air

Mar 5, 2015

Farm Radio International works with broadcasters across Africa, and has seen the challenges female broadcasters face in the workplace and in the field. Three strong…

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Learning from each other and the radio as a community listening group

Mar 3, 2015

After growing enset for the past eight years, Tagesech Belete, 23, has gained much of her farming knowledge from experience. But when Kembata Community Radio…

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With radio, women can increase their harvest and their incomes

Mar 3, 2015

Mariam Amiri’s field is her family’s source of food and income. She grows beans as a staple crop on her plot of land in the…

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New cassava variety provides new business opportunity

Dec 5, 2014

Moita Mwidadi (left) talks to FRI staff Vijay Cuddeford, managing editor, and Tereval Nasary, project officer. Moita Mwidadi is a cassava farmer from Vunde Manyinyi…

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This farmer’s life changed because of OFSP … and radio

Nov 14, 2014

Angelina Peter Mlingwa is 26 years old and has two children. She knows orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) are nutritious and have lots of vitamins for…

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Audio postcard: The Diktator and Nkhawa Njee ‘Yonse Bo’

Oct 10, 2014

Dick Shumba, aka The Diktator, is a Malawian rapper with two albums under his belt. He is also a well-known DJ for Radio 2 FM…

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How radio programmes can support agriculture and market development

Sep 17, 2014

Ghanaian farmers learn about a new, standardized bag for selling their produce. Without using bags of a standard size, many farmers are cheated by middlemen…

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Voices from the field: Abdillahi Mabomba, Tanzania

Jul 29, 2014

Abdillahi Mabomba is a Tanzanian rice farmer who lives in the town of Ndanda, in the Mtwara Region of southern Tanzania, just north of Mozambique.…

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