Thank you for helping us tell the small-scale farmer’s story

Barza Wire journalist Norman Fulatira in Malawi offers his thanks to supporters of Barza Wire.

Thank you to all our supporters who helped us raise $1,170 to produce even more rich content for Barza Wire. Your donations have helped make our first crowdfunding campaign a success.

The small-scale farmer’s story too often goes untold, but Barza Wire journalists are in the field talking to farmers. Each year, Barza Wire publishes 40 farmer stories, featuring small-scale farmers, their challenges, and their successes.

These stories are shared with more than 2,000 broadcasters, who translate the stories or use them as inspiration for their own interviews, ensuring these experiences reach tens of millions of small-scale farmers. These stories inform and inspire small-scale farmers who are facing similar challenges.

Your support will help us produce eight additional farmer stories this year! This will mean more trips to the field for Barza Wire journalists so they can meet more farmers face-to-face, recording their stories to share with broadcasters and small-scale farmers across Africa. Read more about the great impact of these stories.

We hope to continue growing the content and reach of Barza Wire to ensure these important stories reach even more small-scale farmers. Learn more about Barza Wire and check out some of our great farmer stories.

Cameroonian freelance journalist Anne Mireille Nzouankeu shares her thanks to all those who supported Barza Wire.


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