This holiday, share the gift of knowledge with millions of African farmers

This holiday season, honour family and friends with a gift to Farm Radio International. Tribute gifts are a special way to let someone know that you’re thinking about them. Show them you care with a gift to Farm Radio International and you’ll help farmers and their families in sub-Saharan Africa enjoy improved food and economic security.

Our new holiday e-cards are now online!

When you honour someone special by making a gift to Farm Radio International they will receive an e-card letting them know that a donation has been made to support small-scale African farmers in their name. You can personalize the e-card by adding your own message to it. Or if you prefer, make a donation to Farm Radio International without sending an e-card.

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What am I supporting?

We support broadcasters so they can produce entertaining and effective farm radio programs that provide vital, low-cost and timely information to help African small-scale farmers grow more food, raise more livestock, feed their families, earn money and sustain their communities. These programs empower farmers to make informed decisions and help give them a voice so their communities can speak for themselves.


Meet Kafune Mariko (left), a young aspiring farmer in Mali. She is part of a Farm Radio project that has enabled her to learn about improved ways of raising goats. She is learning to breed her goats as well as produce goat cheese, a very popular food in Mali, which she can sell in the market. Through a radio program produced by Radio Fanaka and supported by Farm Radio International, Kafune’s new-found knowledge is being broadcast to thousands of other farmers in her region, giving them the information necessary to start their own farming businesses. It is this type of knowledge exchange, broadcast on a large scale, that makes Farm Radio International’s approach so unique.

Help us reach even more farmers like Kafune throughout sub-Saharan Africa with life-changing information by donating today.

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