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Sometimes, you just have to hear something to really understand. Particularly when it comes to learning about how to produce a radio program.

This is why we developed an audio Broadcaster how-to guide.

We provide broadcasters with low-cost training materials, including written Broadcaster how-to guides, as well as e-courses and a training module. But some radio techniques are easier to teach if broadcasters can listen to examples. So we have started developing audio Broadcaster how-to guides. The first one is based on one of our most popular Broadcaster how-to guides, which is about promos. You can find the audio BH2 here.

Promos are short advertisements played on your radio station to promote an upcoming program. It will mention the name of the program, what will be discussed in the next episode and what time listeners should tune in. For example, when you are listening to drive-time radio, you might hear that traffic will be announced every ten minutes. Or you might hear a promo for an upcoming music review program or comedy program that airs later in the day or later in the week. All of these are promos that encourage you to stay tuned or tune in later.

Promos can encourage farmers to tune in to the next episode of the farmer program, particularly if the topic of the upcoming program is highly interesting. Our audio Broadcaster how-to guide includes several catchy examples, so that broadcasters can get ideas on what they might include in their own promo.

We have produced this audio Broadcaster how-to guide in English, Amharic, and Swahili, and soon it will be produced in French. In this way, as many broadcasters as possible can learn from this guide. Our resources are shared with close to 700 broadcasting partners in 40 countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

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