Tuning in to Secure Food

Food security is back in the headlines along with some hard-to-answer questions about how to achieve Millennium Development Goal 1. One of the solutions can be found in technology adapted for use on small farms in Africa. Gary Humphreys reports in an article featured in the February 2011 Bulletin of the World Health Organization on the work that Farm Radio International is doing.

When Winnie Asege’s crop was hit by cassava brown streak disease a few years ago she was faced with two problems. “She had very little to eat and nothing to sell,” says Emily Arayo, Uganda national coordinator of the African Radio Research Initiative, a project run by Canadian nongovernmental organization Farm Radio International. This is food security, or rather food insecurity, at its most basic: a woman standing in a field looking at rotten tubers and wondering how she and her children are going to survive.

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