Voices from the field: Abdillahi Mabomba, Tanzania

Abdillahi Mabomba is a Tanzanian rice farmer who lives in the town of Ndanda, in the Mtwara Region of southern Tanzania, just north of Mozambique.

He says it’s hard being a rice farmer without any machines. He does all his hoeing by hand. But, despite his difficulties, this year Mabomba is making more of a profit than last year. And, over the years, he has been able to expand his farm.

The Aga Khan Foundation helped him build an irrigation system that feeds water to his crops. For Mabomba, this is essential for his thirsty rice plants, which require a lot of water to survive.

Farm Radio International has also helped Mabomba with his rice farming. Through the radio, he learns how to improve his farm. Most Tanzanian farmers don’t have access to computers or smart phones. It’s through the power of radio that they have access to information. Mabomba now knows which are the good seeds and which are the bad. He also learned about how to use fertilizer and how to treat his crops when they get a disease.

Over the years, his farm has prospered. With his profits he has been able to send his children to school. He says that his daughter and three sons are grateful.

About the author
Emanuela Campanella is a journalist and traveler who is passionate about covering social issues. A Masters of Journalism student at Carleton University, she just finished a volunteer placement with Farm Radio International in Tanzania, where she spent the summer interviewing and collecting stories from farmers.

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