Sharing Knowledge, Giving Voice

Watch our Boom Box webcast video!

For over 100 years, radio broadcasting has been touching the lives of its listeners, sharing important information, breaking news events and starting conversations. In the digital age, the way radio is produced, shared and listened to is changing. Yet radio continues to have an incredible impact on its listeners.
UNESCO has dedicated February 13 as World Radio Day — a day to mark the impact of radio. On World Radio Day, we hosted Boom Box: conversation about change in the world of radio – how radio is adapting to new technology and how the new age of radio is changing the world.
This discussion was hosted by Erin Flynn of CHUO 89.1 FM, and featured Nora Young (host of CBC’s Spark), Katie Jensen (producer of CANADALAND), Doug Ward (chair of the board of FRI and a founder of CBC’s As It Happens) and Piya Chattopadhyay (CBC Radio).
The discussion explored the rise of podcasting in North America and Africa, what podcasters and broadcasters can learn from each other and how these great broadcasters hope to impact their audience.
Watch the video above.
A huge thank you to the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and McMillan Agency, who sponsored the event.