Water Integrity Script Package Launched

Everywhere in the world, people understand that water is life. Especially in rural areas. But water is also a resource, and sometimes a commodity. Thus, it is subject to the same kinds of problems as other resources and commodities. One of these problems is corruption. And because water is so critical, because water is life, corruption in the water sector threatens lives and livelihoods. That’s why it is critical for broadcasters and citizens to be informed and to speak about water corruption in their communities, and to learn how to help communities ensure that their water resources are preserved and distributed fairly.


Farm Radio International’s 92nd script package is sponsored by the Water Integrity Network (WIN). WIN is a Germany-based non-profit organization that promotes anti-corruption solutions in water, sanitation and water resources management worldwide. WIN worked closely with Farm Radio International staff to shape this script package, as well as four Farm Radio Weekly articles which deal with water integrity.  Also included in the package is the broadcaster newsletter, Voices.


The water sector includes individuals, companies, organizations and public agencies that manage water resources and deliver water to users such as consumers and businesses. It includes large infrastructure projects such as dams and larger irrigation systems, as well as smaller projects to bring drinking or irrigation water to small communities. Water integrity means that individuals and groups in the water sector behave in accordance with moral principles and standards. The principles, standards and the behaviours consistent with them create a preventive barrier to corruption.


The first script in the package is entitled Water, a basic human need, but a privilege to the voiceless. It tells the story of a community that is struggling towards good governance of its communal water system. The community faces challenges, including users who connect illegally to the system, and how to ensure that all users and system operators are aware of and abide by their rights and responsibilities.


Another script in the package is entitled Water is life. Share it. It dramatizes a situation in which a village introduces a communal irrigation scheme but not all are willing to share the water equally. Through several entertaining and often humorous scenes, the village struggles towards a more equitable distribution of their precious water.


To read the comprehensive issue pack and all 7 scripts, and the Farm Radio Weekly-exclusive articles click here.   To read the newsletter, Voices, click here.


Past scripts on water:


While Farm Radio International has published many scripts over the past 30 years on water resources, the issue of corruption in the water sector is new for us. You can find our scripts on water resources by clicking here.

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