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Farm Radio International very often submits proposals for new projects and funding. Last week our ICT and Radio Specialist, Bart Sullivan found a funding opportunity which suits his latest idea for supporting African radio stations. He is proposing new ways for radio stations to share information and content. We have submitted his idea to the Knight News Challenge, an international media innovation contest, calling it:

“Radio commons: Cloud-based telephony apps and content sharing for African radio stations.”

In a nutshell we are proposing to create a low-cost, sustainable phone platform that rural radio broadcasters across Africa can use.  They will be able to load audio content onto the system and allow access to any farmer with a simple mobile phone.  We’re talking:  market prices, radio broadcast repeats, the ability to leave messages for radio stations etc.  Now, this technology is something we have used a lot in the field already, but with this funding we are planning to expand this to a much larger scale and add many much-needed features.  We are really excited about this opportunity, but we need YOUR HELP!

Please take a moment to read the proposal (it is only 400 words long!) and leave a comment or click the “like” button. If we can get the visible support of African radio broadcasters and our supporters around the world, it will assist our proposal and increase our chances of funding. The five entries with the most activities in terms of comments or “likes” will be advanced to the semi-finals.

Follow this link! Many thanks!


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