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Wonderful messages of thanks this Thanksgiving

We have received some fantastic messages thanking farmers as part of the Thank a Farmer campaign. These messages will be aired on myFM and on our partner radio stations in Africa. Take a sneak peek at some of the creative thanks and get inspired to write your own poem, share a story of a visit to the farm, or tell us what you are eating for Thanksgiving dinner.
Leave you own message thanking a farmer at 1-888-504-3663. Messages left by October 13 will raise $20 for Farm Radio International thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor. Learn more at
An ode to food
“Not many people pause to think about the stuff we eat and drink.
Maybe they knew about the cow, but do they really wonder how its milk gets to our breakfast table,
all the way from utter to label.
Or what about our spuds and beans, carrots, fruit and all those greens.
From hors d’oeuvres to dessert, all we eat comes out of dirt!
To some perhaps it is a shock, but let’s agree, our farmers rock!
Thank you farmers.”
Thank you for the hard work
“Hi. I just wanted to thank all the farmers out there for gracing our tables with food year round. I actually grew up on a farm, so I know how difficult it is to, well, farm. I can image the long summers I spent tilling the dirt and planting. It was gruelling, but you know what, it was worth it. So to all the farmers out there for this Thanksgiving, I want to thank you, very much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”
Our family reaps the benefits
“Hi, I just wanted to call in today and do my part and thank a farmer. Thanks to the farmers for everything that you do. When you think of summer, at least for our family, it includes a lot of get-togethers and BBQs and, you know, kind of one of our routines is stopping by the roadside stands and taking advantage of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. It’s just great that they put in the hard work all year and our family is one that reaps the benefits. So, thanks for everything you do and everything you do in the community. We really appreciate it.”
Listen to the messages below, or listen to them on myFM Thanksgiving day. Leave you own message at 1-888-504-3663 or learn about more ways to give at