Audio postcard: World Mental Health Day

Hi there, my name is Stephen Sherman. I am an intern with Farm Radio Trust in Malawi. Farm Radio Trust is a strategic partner of Farm Radio International.

For this audio postcard, I chose a photo of a brainstorming session taking place at the Kawale youth centre in Lilongwe. We went to the Kawale youth centre, Timveni (a youth-operated broadcasting centre in Lilongwe), and Facebook to mine ideas from young people regarding a title for a new youth depression radio program. The centre, a library and study zone, was packed with young people when we visited.

From left to right, in this photo you can see: Thembi Thadzi from Farm Radio Trust; Chipiliro, the Kawale youth centre monitor; and Augustine Mulomole from Farm Radio Trust. In the background there are various youth.

This photo was taken while the three subjects were facilitating a brainstorming session aimed at coming up with prospective titles for the depression radio program. Although the Kawale youth were a little shy at first, they were soon tossing out great suggestions and having a fun time doing it.

Throughout my internship, it has become increasingly obvious that the MHII (Mental Health Integrated Innovations) team is dedicated to creating a radio program that involves youth in every step of development so that youth identify with, and feel ownership over, the program.

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To learn more about the project featured in this audio postcard, Integrated Mental Health In Malawi, funded by Grand Challenges Canada, please visit the project page

About the author
Stephen Sherman is a Farm Radio intern based in Lilongwe, Malawi. He is a recent graduate of the Communications program at Carleton University and is taking part in the Centre for Media and Transitional Societies (CMTS) internship program. Farm Radio is hosting five interns from this program in 2013.

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