Tears of Joy

Written in Honour of the Great Farm Radio Broadcaster George Atkins, Who Passed Away on 30 November 2009

By Gladson Makowa (Farm Radio Partner Broadcaster in Malawi)

To the board, management and staff, donors, African farm radio broadcasters and all those who know Farm Radio founder George Atkins:


It is sad for the family and workmates to lose loved ones. But not all deaths are sad moments, because some deaths entail the fulfilment of dreams. It was George Atkins’s dream that African farm radio broadcasters talk to the majority of farmers in their nations about appropriate technologies. It was the dream of George Atkins that broadcasters make farm radio programmes that make a difference and change the lives of the majority of farmers in their nations. Can’t we call this the symbol of love for Africa, a love which was emphasised by starting the sharing of what most people do not want to share, knowledge through radio scripts? This is the love and dream that many Canadians dedicate their finances to continue.

There is no better time to call George Atkins’dreams fulfilled than the year 2009; the year when Farm Radio brought many networking and educative innovations to light, including Farm Radio Weekly, and encouraged the sharing of farming innovations in Africa through a training competition. (What a great idea to combine the training with the competition!) The year that the award named after the hero George Atkins was won because of an appropriate technology script , Manure the magic worker. And the year we parted ways with our loved one, the man of dreams and action: GEORGE ATKINS.


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1 Comment

  1. Bart on January 19, 2010 at 9:44 am

    What a great tribute Gladson – Yes, we can call it love. Thanks for your words.


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